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Holland, Netherlands

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Full time positions

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Founded in 2004, Geehy Microelectronics is an IC design company that specializes in industrial and automotive grade microprocessors, mixed-signal analog ICs, SoCs, printer multi-controller SoCs, printer cartridge chips, etc. By mastering the core technologies such as multi-core heterogeneous chip design capability, secure embedded eSE chip design capabilities, and CPU design and application capability, Geehy Microelectronics can provide customers with core, reliable chip products that enable accurate sensing, secure transmission, and real-time control, helping them to expand in automotive, industrial, new energy, and consumer electronics.
With the mission of “driving industry innovation and creating value for customers continually”, Geehy Microelectronics will contribute to the development of the semiconductor industry by continuously innovating and creating high-quality products and services to empower customers. With the vision of "seeing the world and accepting hundreds of rivers", Geehy Microelectronics will grow into a leading international IC design company based on ambitious goals and open cooperation.


  1. 负责对接国外客户及海外项目的技术支持;
  2. 负责与集团子公司技术部门的沟通与协作;
  3. 公司交办的其他工作。


  1. 华人优先,大专及以上学历,机械、电子相关类专业;
  2. 具备英语读写能力和一定的交流能力;
  3. 对打印机、打印类耗材产品有了解;
  4. 较强的逻辑思维能力和应变能力;
  5. 能适应国外出差和现场服务。